Our Company

J Strategies is a boutique management consultancy specializing in building and executing great strategies. Our proven methodologies bring heightened sense of focus and extraordinary results to our clients.

J Strategies was founded in 2006 by Brian Cunningham, an expert in organizational development, enterprise transformation, and profitable growth through business integration.  Successfully helping clients establish strategic direction and bridging the gaps between planning and execution, Brian is recognized for his ability to propel business forward in an aggressive yet pragmatic manner.  His unique approach optimizes strategy, operations, people, technology and leadership for rapid start-up, organizational re-direction, and planned growth.

Today J Strategies serves multinational clients in the public and private sector.

Our Strategists

Brian Cunningham, President

Brian is an accomplished senior executive and strategist with a broad range of domestic and global experience in both public and private sector markets.  He has spent much of his career focused on start up, recovery/turnaround, and organizational improvement with a history of propelling rapid growth, customer centric alignment, and market innovation.

Brian serves on a number of education and entrepreneurial boards – most recently he served on and led Governor Rick Scott’s Good Government Transition Team.  He currently serves as a State and Local Government Board Member and Chair of the Florida Legislative Committee for TechAmerica, a Governor-appointed Member of the Florida Virtual Schools’ Board of Trustees, an Advisory Board Member for Florida International University Pino Center for Global Entrepreneurship, and an Emeritus Board Member of Florida State University College of Business.

Brian was previously a Managing Partner with Unisys Public Sector, Managing Director with BearingPoint/KPMG Consulting Public Services and an Area Vice President with NCR Corporation.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Florida State University and is a registered representative of Morgan Joseph with experience in private and public capital markets.

Mindy Cunningham, Partner

Brian’s partner, personally and professionally, is his wife Mindy.  Mindy is a seasoned and accomplished executive with nearly 25 years of professional services experience.  She specializes in enterprise transformation, strategy, business process improvement, e-business solutions, financial management, technology, and Education.

Mindy was formerly a Managing Director with Resources Global Professionals where she was responsible for their overall South Florida consulting practice including strategy, market growth, business development and client service across all lines of professional services throughout South Florida, Latin America and Caribbean.  Mindy was a partner with Unisys Global Public Sector where she led the company’s global education practice, leveraging the strategic direction for worldwide education programs with emphasis on life-long learning.

Mindy joined Unisys from BearingPoint/KPMG Consulting, Inc. where she was a Managing Director and Partner focused on designing, delivering and supporting enterprise-wide business and technical transformation solutions for Education. While at BearingPoint, she created a higher education practice in the state of Florida and led the national and southeast public education practice, implementing technology solutions designed to improve integration, student achievement and business decision-making.  Mindy directed the implementation of an enterprise-wide student information system in one of the country’s largest school systems and managed KPMG’s financial and business management services to the first-ever educational public-private partnership under The Alliance for Schools That Work in 1992.

Mindy served on Governor Rick Scott’s Education Transition Team, is a member of Women’s Executive Leadership in South Florida and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from The American University.

Our Passion

Mindy and Brian are passionate about having a positive impact on meaningful education reform to allow for greater educational choices and career paths, collaborating with government and private business for the benefit of economic development, embracing diversity as a competitive advantage and social responsibility, embracing opportunities to give back through volunteering on boards and mentoring, and understanding and promoting a real balance between professional and personal needs.

Mindy and Brian reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their two Boston Terriers.  Together they have four daughters ranging in ages 15 to 19.  They embrace life while working and playing.